Lab 3: Renal Physiology

Dialysis test

Chapter 3

The third week of lab turns to an overview of the renal system, including the main functions and anatomy of each part of the nephron.  During this lab, 5 student volunteers drink either 800mL of water or 800mL of an isotonic sports drink and then donate urine samples every 30 minutes for 90 minutes.  Each lab group anaylzes the urine samples, measuring the volume, temperature, NaCl concentration and specific gravity.  We also look briefly into some renal diseases, such as diabetes mellitus and hematuria, by testing synthetic urine samples with Lab Stix to find abnormalities.

urinalysis test

Topics to Review Before Lab:

  • Main functions of the renal system
  • Anatomy of the nephron
  • Glomerular filtration
  • Hydrostatic and colloid osmotic pressures in renal capsule and glomerulus
  • Tubular reabsorption and secretion
  • Changes in osmolarity of filtrate throughout the nephron
  • Molecules normally found in urine